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Hey guys I need some ideas I want to try and come up with a possible comic fan fiction based on the prince I created and myself set in the world of Little Mermaid 2. What do you guys think would you read it? Can you help me brainstorm some ideas?
Hey guys I was wondering what would you guys like to see more of crossovers or more original characters such as me and my prince? I would do a poll but I'm not a core member so I thought I'd ask this way let me know by commenting. 

I was tagged by Matthewthewonderer so without any further or do here are 13 facts about little old me! 

1) What do you love and enjoyed the most?

I love to swim, act, sing when nobody's listening, draw, photoshop, create crossovers and sometimes write fan fictions.

2) What is your favorite Holiday and Season?

Christmas and summer.

3) What is your favorite movie that involves good vs. evil, rights against wrongs, saving the world, and finally happy endings?

I have so many it's impossible to choose!

4) What is your favorite Top 10 Disney movies of all time?

I love Disney movies so much it's so hard to choose but if I absolutely had to it would be.. 

1- The Little Mermaid

2- Beauty and the Beast

3- The Lion King

4- Pirates of the Caribbean (all of them) 

5- Hercules

6- Moana

7- Oliver and Company

8- The Hunchback of Notre Dame

9- Pocahontas

10- The Santa Clause

5) What is your favorite monster movie of all time?

Van Helsing (2004)

6) If you were to enter a world of fantasy and imagine yourself as a normal human person (such as a villager, warrior, knight in shining armor, and a wanderer), a magical being (such as wizards, sorcerers or sorceresses, good witches or bad witches, and shapeshifters) or mythical creatures (such as fairies, dragons, merpeople, nagas, lamias, fauns, satyrs, centaurs, harpies, trolls and goblins), whether good or evil, which would you prefer, love and enjoy the most as? 

A mermaid I'd rather be one then a human! Lol

7) What is your favorite Top 5 Action & Adventure movies?

1- James Bond

2- Star Wars

3- Transformers

4- The Mummy (movies)

5- Thor 

8) What movie scene was the happiest for you?

Ahh I have so many Disney wise though definitely when Ariel gets her wish to become human!

9) What are your favorite Top 10 Disney Heroes or Disney Heroines in many Disney films?




4- Hercules 

5- Eric 

6- The Beast

7- Rapunzel

8- Moana 

9- Mulan 

10- Flynn Rider

10) What is your favorite TV Show or TV series (either live-action or animated) from your childhood that you enjoyed and treasured the most?

The Little Mermaid tv series

11) What animal on land, sky and in the oceans amongst the mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, insects and arthropods is your number 1 favorite?

Dolphins always has been since I was a little girl.

12) What is your number 1 favorite movie Dragon?

Elliot (Pete's Dragon 1977)

13) What is your favorite top 5 movie wizards, sorcerers, good witches and bad witches?

1- Ursula (Little Mermaid 1989)

2- Regina Mills (Once Upon a Time)

3- Queen Ravana (Snow White and the Huntsman 2012)

4- Rasputin (Anastasia 1997)

5- Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty 1959)

The Prince And Me
Here is me with my Disney inspired prince what do you think his name should be? He's a sea loving fella like my father Eric haha I wish perhaps I'll write a fanfiction about us two set in the world of Little Mermaid 2 I've been thinking about it please leave your suggestions below whether it'd be plot ideas or names thanks lovelies. 😊
Since everyone seems to be enjoying all of my crossovers though I'm still trying to find everything and posted on Fanpop I thought I would share with you my two fan fictions that I've written also on Fanpop though I still need to finish writing the other I hope you will take the time to read them and share with me your comments, thoughts, feelings, and suggestions here.

Happy Reading! 😊
(Note: if I decide to write anymore Fan Fictions I will be sure to post those links also.)

Starring: Belle & Phoebus 

Between Two Worlds:…
Starring: Ariel & John Smith💕


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